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Rikelle Brande

Certified Color Code Consultant

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Motive is key.

Imagine you’re driving down a road, when a car comes speedingup behind you, hugging your bumper. The car swerves in the oncoming lane and then back into your lane, cutting you off. You’re probably pretty angry. Maybe even spouting a few choice words and hand gestures. Then you notice the car quickly turning in to the hospital emergency lane. Now how do you feel about the driver? That’s the power of MOTIVE!

Most personality programs explain observable behavior. With Color Code you learn to understand what drives behavior. Giving you the tools to connect with your clients, teams, friends and yourself.

About Me

As a highly-rated motivational speaker and certified Color Code trainer with 25+ years of experience as a Color Code trainer and group facilitator, I work with groups, individuals, and organizations to amplify their authenticity and empower them to become a better version of themselves.

If you'd like to improve a relationship with anyone in your life, gain an advantage at the office, or just get to know yourself a little better, give Color Code a try, today!

what i offer

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Keynote Speaker

One hour presentation helping participants understand the basics of theColor Code, tools for improving relationships in business, family and with yourself.

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Personalized coaching to help you see and understand your potential so you can define your gifts, imrove your relationships and l ive your purpose.

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Corporate Training

Offering 1/2 day and full day inperson and online customized training. Helping your organization fulfill their potential

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what they say

“As an educator and consultant within the heath care field I have witnessed the success of Color Code workshop participants as they learn to communicate more effectively within the community and workplace. Employee—employer relationships take on a new, productive direction and people in general begin to recognize their own value and self-worth. I feel that all individuals deserve to become familiar with this work”

RR. Christensen, , Educational REsources and development

"Rikelle helped our team learn to collaborate and improve patient experience. Her Color Code training allowed us to finally over come a breakdown in our team and function again!"

S. HinojosaAquila Dental

"I am convinced that The Color Code method is an excellent tool for sales and should be employed in training all marketing personnel.”

R. B Dilday, Owner, Dilday Brothers

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